3-1/2 in. Kitchen Sink Decorative Disposal Flange in Stainless Steel

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Enhance the look of your new sink with the Karran decorative disposal flange in stainless steel. Karran L-2DF features a SlimShield cap and a decorative disposal flange that improves the appearance of your sink. It can be easily installed.

Features & Benefits

  • Will fit all standard 3-1/2 in. kitchen drain openings
  • SlimShield Disposal Flange
  • Enhance the look of your new sink with a stainless steel disposal flange! Great for all styles of sinks.
  • Removable strainer captures food debris to keep your drainpipe clear
  • Made in Italy - Limited lifetime Warranty
More Information
Series Decorative Flanges
Accessory Material Stainless Steel
Drain Opening Size 3.5"
Color Stainless Steel
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