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Your Karran stainless steel sink is manufactured from the highest quality nickel bearing stainless steel. With the right care it will last a lifetime. All Karran sinks have a lustrous satin finish which is easy to maintain and clean.


● Many cleaners work well with Karran stainless steel sinks. All that is generally required is a simple liquid soap and a dish rag. Some of the cleaners that also work, only if needed, are Bar Keeper's Friend™, Zud™, Comet™, Flitz™, Soft Scrub™ and Mr. Clean™.

● The most important maintenance requirement for any stainless steel sink is to thoroughly rinse and wipe out the sink after each use with a dish rag or paper towel. Remaining water, food, soap residue and mineral deposits may remain on your sinks surface after use if not rinsed thoroughly, and if left there may mark your sink, requiring more intensive cleaning later.

● When scouring your sink (with a 3M Scotch-Brite™ pad), which may be done periodically only if needed, ensure that you rub in the direction of the satin finish grain lines.


● Do not scour across the satin finish grain lines. This will damage the lustrous satin finish of your sink.

● Never leave soaps, detergents or other cleansers on your sink’s surface to dry. Most contain chlorides and chemicals that could, if left on the sink’s surface, damage it.

● Do not soak your sink with solutions of bleach. Bleach, and most soaps and detergents, contain chlorides that will damage your sink if left on the surface for an extended period of time.

● Do not use steel wool on your sink. Steel wool can break down and leave small steel particles on your sink’s surface that will rust. If aggressive cleaning is needed, use a 3M Scotch-Brite™ pad.

● Do not leave wets sponges and cloths in your sink. They may lead to surface rust.

● Water quality in your area may affect your sinks appearance. When water has a high iron content, it may leave a brown stain on your sink. Over softened water will leave a white film on the sink’s surface. Thorough rinsing and towel drying will help alleviate these issues.

● The use of rubber mats is not recommended as they may cause possible pitting or surface rust. If mats are used, remove them from your sink after each use.

● Stainless steel, like all metallic surfaces, will scratch. These scratches will blend into the overall satin finish of your sink over time. Do not use your sink as a cutting board or chopping block. This type of use may cause deep scratches in the finish of your sink.

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your sink looking its best for years.