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Why Karran Products For Your Home

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We make your dream home functional and loving. We understand your love for cooking and you love to be host to show off your new Karran kitchen masterpiece sink and faucets. We at Karran believe that every kitchen is the center of the home and you want your family to have the best experience of your cooking. It a place where you feel free to express your art of cooking, hosting entertaining, celebrating and making memories. That’s why we want to make your kitchen to be a unique place in your home and your heart. Karran beliefs are transferred into its products from sink, vanities to faucets. You will enjoy your home more than ever.


Smart Choice

We are proud to first introduce a complete line of acrylic solid surface sinks that could be undermounted to laminate. We were the first, and only, company to develop a line of stainless steel sinks that could be seamlessly undermounted to laminate, solid surface and stone countertops. Always thinking, always developing, always trying to do things better - that is Karran.

Smart Innovation 

Over 35 years we’ve been tirelessly improving and innovating our products and services. This history and experience have helped us design and create kitchen solutions and products that prove themselves day-in and day-out. Our Innovation in seamless sinks has been appreciated by many homes with clean and hygiene sink in mind.